Sens Win 3-1 Over Penguins

Check out the highlights

A big win, but a costly one.

The Senators may have defeated a talented Penguins team, but most chatter will be about what they lost.  Kris Letang ran Jason Spezza into the boards in the 2nd period, causing Spezza to jump up and run to the locker room, clutching his left arm like it was going to fall off.  Early speculation is a left shoulder separation, but the official diagnosis will probably come Monday morning.

Its too bad.  The Senators probably played the best hockey of their 2010-11 season during the first half of this game, limiting the Penguins stars opportunities and controlling play in the offensive zone.  Erik Karlsson was a beast, scoring twice while adding an assist, and is becoming the game-changer Sens fans grew to love late last season.  The rest of the team performed admirably as well, making slick passes and keeping the puck deep in the Penguins zone for long periods of time.

Then, there was Brian Elliott.  44 saves, 22 in the 2nd period alone.  An absolutely incredible performance.  Elliott was able to control his rebounds and be in the right spot at the right time when it mattered the most.  The only puck that snuck by him was one that allowed Sidney Crosby to continue his point streak, reaching an impossible 24 games. 

Here’s the player of the game, Erik Karlsson, on the win, what it means and missing the empty net.

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Also, here’s Sidney’s scrum from after the game.

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