Sens Lose 4-0 to Hurricanes

Check out the highlights

If the Sens had scored on 1 of the 4 shots that hit a post, would they have won this game?  We’ll never know. 

Instead, the Sens come away as 4-0 losers, outshooting the Hurricanes 37-31 and letting a valuable 2 points go to another contender for the last playoff spot.  The loss of Jason Spezza certainly brought worry to the army of Sens fans, and this game will definitely not help.  The inability to put one in the opposing net has been a problem already this season and the injury to the club’s No. 1 centre will have pundits and fans alike saying this team can’t and will not score.

The reaction to this game will be interesting.  Does Clouston play with the line combinations again?  Do they consider bringing up a more offensively gifted prospect?  Or does Bryan Murray go looking for an offensive player that could be creatively acquired?  One thing is for sure, this game did not inspire any confidence that this team can win without one of their top players.  Of course, its only one game.

Once again, I’m not able to add my videos to the blog.  I apologize and hope WordPress resolves the situation as soon as possible.

Cory Clouston

Video of Clouston, Alfredsson, Fisher, Elliott & Kelly


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