Mike Fisher Traded to Predators Feb 10

The Ottawa Senators made their first splash in the trading pool by sending long time Senator Mike Fisher to the Nashville Predators for a 2011 first round pick and a conditional pick in 2012 on Thursday.  From what I understand, if the Predators win one round of the playoffs, the pick is a 3rd rounder.  If the Predators win 2 or more rounds, the pick is a 2nd.  If the Predators fail to make the playoffs, there is no pick. 

My Take:  Great move.  Bryan Murray could not turn this deal down.  A first round pick for a struggling player with a large contract is a steal, let alone adding a conditional pick.  This was the first of many moves, but a great one to start off.  The Sens pick up another 1st round pick in this year’s draft and officially begin the rebuild.

Of course, Mike Fisher will never be replaced.  He was a tremendous member of the community and gave his time towards worthy causes.  He is definitely one of the good guys in the league and while every woman in the city will say they’ll miss his blue eyes, this town will miss his heart the most.

Reaction to the trade:

Mike Fisher – video


Bryan Murray


Cory Clouston


Daniel Alfredsson


Video of Spezza, Foligno, Neil, Alfredsson, Fisher, and Murray commenting on trade (SensTV)


(I highly recommend listening to Jason Spezza’s comments on Fisher, whether HE is looking to be dealt and how he feels about this team as a whole)


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