Senators Acquire Kyle Turris for David Rundblad & 2nd Rd Pick

The Senators acquired centre Kyle Turris for defenceman David Rundblad and a second round pick in 2012.  Turris will be the second line centre that the Senators have desperately wanted despite having only scored 46 points in 137 NHL games thus far in his career.  But as the saying goes, you have to deal from a position of strength, and that is what Bryan Murray has done.  The Senators are deep in young, skillful defenceman and the fact that Erik Karlsson & Jared Cowen have showed they are quality NHLers has allowed the Senator general manager to deal Rundblad for something he feels the team lacks.  Will he come to regret it?  We’ll probably find out in the near future, but if Turris comes to Ottawa and leaves all the drama behind, this deal may be better than most seem to think. 

My take:  You’ve got to give up talent to receive talent and that’s what GM Bryan Murray did.  While a lot of people will point at the fact that Turris has not been real successful in the NHL so far, well, neither has Rundblad.  In fact, he has been responsible for numerous turnovers that have directly led to crippling go-ahead goals.  In my opinion, Turris and Rundblad are in the same boat;  both have shown glimmers of hope, but neither have been able to bring it consistently.  So, with that being said, trading talent for talent makes sense to me, especially when you have plenty of one and not enough of another. 

What this does is bring up the question of who falls to the 3rd or 4th line when all are healthy?  It won’t be Spezza, Alfredsson or Michalek.  So it will be one of Foligno, Greening & Regin as Murray has already labeled Turris the second line centre.  My initial guess is Greening as his style of play is the closest to a grinder, while the other two bring more of a skill game.  Just another interesting day at ‘ol Scotiabank Place.

Here’s Bryan Murray on the trade, losing David Rundblad and gaining Kyle Turris.

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Paul MacLean on the acquisition of Kyle Turris.

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UPDATE- Coyotes Reaction to the trade

Coyotes GM Don Maloney

David Rundblad

As for Nikita Filatov, GM Bryan Murray assigned him to Binghamton today.  Murray did not receive the signed documents that indicated the loan of Filatov back from CSKA Moscow in a timely manner and therefore had to act.  The Senators GM needed to get Filatov’s contract off the books and hopes that CSKA will get him the required paperwork soon.  If not, the next step could be a suspension.


2 Responses to “Senators Acquire Kyle Turris for David Rundblad & 2nd Rd Pick”

  1. dsens Says:

    Rundblad has played 24 games coming over from sweden.
    Turris has played 137 games after playing his whole career on NA ice.

    I wouldn’t say they are in the same boat. Rundblad needs 2-3 more years in NA before you can compare them.

    • ScoreOttawa Says:

      Good point. I’ll take it even further and say comparing the progress of a forward and a defenceman isn’t all that fair either.

      I guess I was trying to say they are both young players that, while having huge upside, have yet to produce in the NHL. Yes, Turris has had more of a chance, but still did not get the opportunity in Phoenix he will get here in Ottawa. (Ice time, linemates, etc.) But you’re right, once Rundblad is given more time to adapt to the NHL game, we’ll be able to assess this trade more accurately.

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