Bryan Murray’s Successful Rebuild

Just before the 2011 trade deadline, Senator fans and critics alike were calling for the head of Bryan Murray.  A team that had lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the playoffs, was expected to improve and at the very least, put up the same numbers they had the season before.  But they didn’t and as a result, Murray made the difficult decision to blow up the entire team.  And what a decision it was.

Several astute trades & a new coach later, and the Ottawa Senators were the surprise team of the NHL in 2011-12.  Not only that, but the organization is now full of blue-chip prospects & positional depth.  Senator fans have fallen in love with this hard working, never say die group and much of the credit can go to Bryan Murray.  He single-handedly changed the outlook of this organization and proved that he still has what it takes to build a winning hockey club.

During the Senators’ season-ending media availability,  GM Bryan Murray spoke on what his expectations were at the beginning of the season, his assessment of the team going forward & how satisfying it was to have such a successful season. 

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