Senators Lose 4-2 to Red Wings

As you can imagine, my weekend was quite busy with the return of Daniel Alfredsson.  I doubt there is much more I can add to what was undoubtedly one of the most important games in Senator franchise history.

The organization did it right.  Acknowledged the importance of the long-time captain, while not going over the top.  Yes, Alfredsson was a pillar in the community and will likely be the most popular player ever to suit up for Ottawa.  BUT, he is still in the league and playing for a different organization by choice – short and sweet was the right call.

Having said that, it was great to see him in the building again.  I covered him during my first 4 seasons here in Ottawa and he had been nothing but professional.  Seeing him walk the halls of the CTC again brought back a lot of memories.

I made sure to be on ice level when the tribute was given to Daniel Alfredsson.  Here’s a pic I snapped.


As for the game, just slate it amongst those that have been harped about all season long.  Of course, Daniel Alfredsson threw even more salt in the wound with an assist on the opening marker and scoring the empty netter that put the contest to bed.


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