Senators Lose 4-1 to Rangers

The Senators may have scored first but this game wasn’t even close.

Ottawa reverted back to its bad habits Saturday afternoon – unforced turnovers, lousy execution and mis-timed passes plagued all 3 periods.  Everybody on the team was guilty and all the progress that had been made over the past couple of weeks was quickly forgotten.  The Rangers scored on the power-play, on a breakaway and off two horrific backpass turnovers, allowing them to walk away with a valuable 2 points.

When the Senators did threaten, New York’s stingy defence never allowed a quality shot, forcing the Sens to the outside.  Despite the change at the head coach position, the Rangers continue to block shots and use their sticks effectively to deflate the opposition’s offence.  It may be boring, but it wins hockey games.

Saturday’s effort isn’t all that surprising, however.  With the loss, Ottawa fell to 1-6 in afternoon contests.  Their inability to prepare themselves for mid-day starts may cost them in the long run as they leave points on the board.


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