The Author: Daniel Slater


My name is Daniel Slater and I now work as an ENG cameraman for Rogers Sportsnet.  Before this, I worked at The Score Television Network for 12 years in a variety of roles such as Sports Editor, Supervising Editor, Production Coordinator and Producer/Editor/Cameraman for the Ottawa region.

My goal is to update this blog on a consistent basis with anything I feel an Ottawa Senators’ fan might find interesting.  Hopefully, you (the fan) deem it informative and keep coming back for more.

You can also follow me on twitter @dslatertv.  My tweets go beyond just the Senators and include the entire sporting world, whether it be news, opinion or fantasy league updates.

Thanks for reading/watching and please keep tuning in to Sportsnet &

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7 Responses to “The Author: Daniel Slater”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hi Drew,

    So far this is the best webpage or blog I’ve seen to get up to date Senators info. Keep up the great work!


    PS Go Sens Go!!

  2. Hayley Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am a grade 10 student and a big fan of your blog. I am currently researching fields that I have interest in, and am wondering what your educational background is and how you got to where you are today. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few moments to email me… .

    Thank You,

    • SlaterOttawa Says:

      Hello Hayley,

      Thank you for your interest, I am going to respond here.

      I have an Honours Degree in Communications (Media Studies/Public Relations/Interpersonal Communication) & a College Diploma for Television Broadcasting.

      Being adaptable, willing to work long hours & continuing to learn everyday has allowed me to get to where I am today.

      Hope this helps,

      Daniel Slater

      • Hayley Says:

        Thank you, that was very helpful. Would you be interested in taking a grade 11 co-op student- next september?


      • SlaterOttawa Says:

        Hi Hayley,

        Unfortunately the future of this position is a bit in flux and I don’t think it would be possible anyways due to the restrictions surrounding the team.

        Check out the intern program at You might find what you’re looking for there.


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